100% ALl-Natural Soy Candles

Slow,Clean Burning


Why Vintage Thoughts?

When did everyday things of our childhood become relics of the past? At some point, we left certain things behind, like playing outside for the sake of playing outside, or pretending the living room floor is hot lava, or just lying in the grass, pointing out the different shapes the clouds make.

Adulthood has forced many of us to give those things up, and now we find ourselves lost in these vintage thoughts, longing for "the good old days".

We've created a line of candles for when you feel those nostalgia feels. Our thematic candles will remind you of those simpler times and help bring joy and comfort when you are feeling homesick for your childhood.


Vintage Thoughts Candle Company Values:

Every candle at Vintage Thoughts Candle Company is carefully hand-crafted and poured in small batches using the most natural, environmentally-responsible materials we can source.

That means that each candle is made with clean burning, all natural soy wax, and affixed with lead-free cotton wicks, free of synthetics. The vessels were chosen for their recyclability, and every detail of our packaging has been carefully curated using recycled products whenever available.